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Commercial Power Washing

At Liberty Softwash, we use the “Softwash” method to clean commercial building exteriors. Softwashing at Liberty is a process utilizing professional pressure washing equipment, proper training, and cleaning detergents to ensure we get the entire outside of your business clean.

Attract More Customers
Our pressure washing service can dramatically increase the beauty of your commercial storefront! When a potential customer sees a dirty, grime-covered store front, they immediately begin losing interest, and are more likely to pass by and keep going without shopping at your business. However, by employing Liberty Softwash, a premier softwash and pressure washing company, you can keep the curb appeal, and in turn, keep the customers coming in the door!

Professional Soft Washing
We use professional pressure washing equipment that has been safely modified, thereby producing low pressure to clean our customer’s commercial buildings. Contractors that use high pressure oftentimes cause damage to their customers building exteriors, resulting in expensive repairs. 

Algae & Mildew Control
Grime can take over any storefront or commercial building, especially in the Grovetown area and along the central-eastern Georgia border. Algae, mold, mildew, and all sorts of organic growth run rampant in humid or wet areas. This means your business will most likely become dirty fast. Our commercial pressure washing safely removes the grime from the outside of your business, and slows returning growth (although it’s inevitable). We accomplish this by killing off any colonies of algae or other organisms. By completely washing away all of the grime, we dramatically increase the clean time you will have before needing to address the issue again. We also provide periodic maintenance plans so  you will always know that your business is in tip-top shape.

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