Employment Opportunities

Here at Liberty Softwash & Pressure Washing, we’re looking for motivated and trustworthy individuals to fill roles in our company. For both part-time and full-time employment, we are in need of spray technicians and job-site assistants. We offer competitive pay, transportation to and from job sites, and the opportunity to get some great exercise and sun right here in the Grovetown and Augusta area!
We use professional equipment; this isn’t a fly-by-night “let’s throw a pressure washer in the back of the truck and roll” operation. If you’re interested in applying, please download an application for employment by clicking HERE, fill it out and scan it, and email it to adam@liberty-softwash.com. You can also return it completed to us, or mail it to us. We should have an online form available for applicants in the near future.
We have a pretty simple policy. We treat everyone the same way we would want to be treated in a given situation. We won’t just put you on a job site and tell you to “figure it out”, we’ll train and mentor you to to our standard. This ensures our clients will receive THE BEST SERVICE possible from a pressure washing company.

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