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Pressure Washing & Power Washing In Grovetown, GA

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Curious how to prepare for our visit? What we do and don’t do? Environmental concerns? Most questions about our softwashing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, concrete cleaning, and roof cleaning can be found below.

With the proper modifications to our commercial pressure washing machines, we use safe, low pressure to clean algae, mildew, and other grime off surfaces with safe and effective cleaning detergents. It is much safer to use low pressure instead of high pressure for vinyl and painted surfaces, and follows most siding manufacturers recommendations for cleaning vinyl. A low pressure electric pump machine is used for applications such as roof cleaning and washing stucco.

This is a great question and one we always address when scheduling service.
If it’s a house wash or roof cleaning we require:
  • All windows tightly closed and locked.
  • All exterior lights must be turned off.
  • Any potted plants or fabrics of any kind should be moved approximately 15 feet from the house.
  • Anyone that may be entering or leaving the house during the service should be made aware that the detergent can stain clothing and that hoses, machines, ladders and other trip hazards may be present.
If it’s a concrete cleaning service we ask that no vehicles are present and that the area is clear.
If it’s gutter cleaning service we ask that anyone entering or leaving the house is aware that ladders may be outside a door and that the contents of the gutter will be falling from overhead.

Yes and no. It’s partly industrial-grade sodium hypochlorite and partly a professional-grade surfactant (ensures the sodium hypochlorite clings to the surface to neutralize the algae and break up grime). Lastly, it’s partly water. A specific ratio is used depending on the surface being cleaned. Once the detergent has done its job, the surface is thoroughly rinsed and neutralized to complete the cleaning process.

In short, yes. However, dilution and neutralization of the detergent is a part of our process. The detergent ultimately is biodegradable and after neutralization is no more harmful than pool water. Proper processes and adhering to strict guidelines is key to ensuring safe use of our detergents to protect your property and landscaping.

We use tape (and plastic bags at times) to keep our detergents and water out of anything we suspect might be damaged by moisture, such as:

  • keyholes
  • outlets
  • A/C power supply’s
  • power meters
  • doorbells
  • security cameras 

We do miss tape from time to time during our finishing walk-around. It won’t hurt anything, just peel off slowly and discard it.

Absolutely! We give a 10% discount to:

  • Active Military & Veterans
  • First Responders
  • Educators

Not at all, although, if you’re not expecting to be home, please let us know in advance. We will still service your home as long as windows and doors are closed tightly and locked. Also, our service calls for entrance into a back yard or other gated area, we require a side gate to be unlocked and accessible.

We accept cash, personal checks (made out to Liberty Softwash), and credit/debit card payments. If paying by creditor debit, you have two options. You can slide your card with one of our technicians, or we can email you an invoice to be paid on your device. Both are processed through Square. Keep in mind, electronic payments incur a 3% fee.

It depends on the situation. If it’s just light-to-moderate rainfall, your services will still generally be completed. In the case of lightning, high winds, or heavy rain, we usually have to reschedule your service due to safety concerns for our technicians. If you’re unsure if your service is still planned, just give us a call at (706) 309-0226.

We don’t wash aluminum siding that has not been vinyl-wrapped nor do we clean older unfinished wood or wood that has not been stained or sealed in the past two years. The risk of damaging those surfaces is very high due to sun damage, neglect, becoming dry and brittle with age, or in the case of aluminum siding that is NOT vinyl coated, the painted coating tends to be heavily oxidized and nearly impossible to clean.

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