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At Liberty Softwash, we use low pressure to safely and effectively clean shingle roofs all over the area, from Grovetown to Evans to Augusta, and as far west as Thomson and Warrenton. Our technicians are trained to use  proper techniques as outlined by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, and is the same method in use all over the state of Georgia by other reputable contractors.

Algae & Moss Growth
Algae and moss growth on roofs, at a minimum, are an unsightly nuisance. Shady areas and high humidity in the Grovetown area are two of the main culprits. Moss build-up can lead to roof damage or shingle blow-off if left unchecked. Keeping branches trimmed back from the roof and removing any debris that begins to accumulate should be part of a regular roof maintenance program.

Don’t Use High Pressure!
Please don’t let an unlicensed pressure washer in the Grovetown area use high pressure on your shingle roof! Using high pressure on asphalt shingles WILL cause damage and cause the granules to be blown off. While “Joe” down the street might seem like a more economical option, think again! Not only will it damage the roof, it will more than likely void your roof’s warranty, in the end costing you even more money. A roof cleaning done by a professional company like Liberty Softwash will save you money, guaranteed. As a general rule, anytime a contractor wants to sell you a roof cleaning that involves the use of a pressure washer, they are VERY NEW to the roof cleaning industry, don’t understand it, and should probably be avoided at all costs.

surface cleaner on shingle roof dont do this

This device is a surface cleaner. It is used to clean concrete by using high pressure. Underneath, you will find two or four high pressure nozzles attached to a rotating arm, depending on the model. So, what is being done by using a surface cleaner or a high pressure wand? Several things… The high pressure lifts the shingle tabs and breaks their seal. Asphalt shingles are usually installed as a restrained tab or a self- sealing system, meaning each shingle has a sealant strip on it so that when they are installed correctly, adheres to or seals themselves to the row above and below them.

The Liberty 2 Year Touch Up Guarantee
We stand by our work. If any spots or streaks of algae appear within the first 2 years following a full roof wash, we will come back and retreat affected areas free of charge.

For more information on proper softwash roof cleaning, please call us today at (706) 309-0226 and we’d be happy to give you a free roof cleaning demo. In a hurry? Email us, or send us a message via Facebook messenger.

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