Why Not Pressure Wash it Myself?

Many times when conversing with a potential customer we hear the question “Why?” Most often, it comes in the form of, “Why should I pay you to wash my home when I can go down to the local hardware store and buy my own pressure washer for the same price and do it myself?”

One of simplest explanations boils down to understanding the difference between traditional “pressure washing” and what we do, usually known as soft washing or low/no pressure washing.

Many people are under the misconception that a higher PSI rating (pounds per square inch) for a pressure washer equals more cleaning ability. A novice with a pressure washer will usually try to clean with high pressure and if the surface doesn’t come clean, they will either move closer to the surface or use a tip that produces more pressure. This can be dangerous to both the user and to the surface being cleaned. Soft washing, which uses a higher volume of water vs. a higher pressure of water, is a much safer cleaning solution.

Imagine you’re cooking and you leave the pan on the stove just a little too long. You now have burned food and gunk stuck to your pan. You have many options for cleaning the pan. You could take a steak knife and use that to scrape it clean. Eventually you would get all the grime off, but it would take a long time and you would most likely damage the pan in the process. This is similar to what happens with traditional pressure washing. The better solution to cleaning the pan would be to soak it in a tub of soapy water and then use a sponge and running water to rinse it clean. Soft washing uses the same theory on your home.

When we soft wash your house we apply a safe and eco-friendly detergent to the whole exterior of your home. We then allow that detergent a short “dwell time” (similar to soaking the pan in soapy water). During the dwell time the detergents work on softening and loosening any dirt, mold, algae or other contaminants.
When the dwell time is complete, the siding is then thoroughly rinsed using a high volume (but not high pressure!) of water to remove all detergent and debris from the surface. You are left with a beautiful, clean and undamaged home!

Our hope is that by reading this, you now have a better understanding of why soft washing is a much safer and more effective way of cleaning your home or roof. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Liberty Softwash & Pressure Washing today at 706-309-0226 OR simply fill out a request for a free estimate and we will contact you!

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